Pediatrics MCQ with Answers Part 4 : Immunizations

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Pediatrics MCQ with Answers Part 4 : Immunizations

Pediatrics MCQ Question

1. Which of the following vaccines would be contraindicated in a 4 year old boy receiving immunosuppressive therapy for autoimmune hepatitis?
a. Hepatitis A vaccine
b. Hepatitis B vaccine
c. Acellular pertussis vaccine
d. Inactivated polio vaccine
e. Varicella vaccine

2. Which vaccine should not be given to an 8 year old girl who has not been immunized previously?
a. Hepatitis B vaccine
b. Tetanus vaccine
c. Acellular pertussis vaccine
d. Inactivated polio vaccine
e. Measles vaccine

3. Which parenteral vaccine should not be characterized as an attenuated live virus vaccine?
a. Influenza vaccine
b. Measles vaccine
c. Mumps vaccine
d. Rubella vaccine
e. Varicella vaccine

4. Which passive or active immunization is specifically recommended for women in the second or third trimester of pregnancy?
a. Respiratory syncytial virus immune globulin
b. Cytomegalovirus immune globulin
c. Rubella vaccine
d. Influenza vaccine
e. Varicella vaccine

5. Increased risk for intussusception was observed as a rare complication following immunization with which vaccine?
a. Inactivated polio vaccine
b. Oral polio vaccine
c. Rotavirus vaccine
d. Hepatitis A vaccine
e. Hepatitis B vaccine

6. Indicate whether the follow are examples of active or passive immunity:
a. palivizumab
b. Diphtheria-Tetanus toxoid
c. Diphtheria immune globulin
d. MMR
e. Influenza vaccine
f. Botulism anti-toxin


Pediatrics MCQ Answers



3.a. It should be noted that the current parenteral influenza vaccine is not a live attenuated virus. However, a non-parenteral intranasal live attenuated influenza vaccine is available.




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