pericardium ppt presentation

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pericardium ppt presentation

Power point presentation

What do you know about the pericardium?

  • What is it?
  • Where is it?
  • What is it’s function?

What is it?

  • Fibrous sac surrounding heart-dense network of collagen fibres
  • Serous membrane – two continuous layers separated by a small amount of fluid lubricant (10-20mls straw coloured)
  • Layers are called visceral and parietal
–Visceral is inner layer (epicardium)
–Parietal is continuous with diaphragm and outer walls of great arteries
Where is it?
  • Surrounds the heart
  • Continuous with the great arteries and the diaphragm

What is it’s function?

Stabilises the position of the heart within the chest
Prevents friction between the moving heart and adjacent structures
Allows for small acute changes in size and shape but limits ventricular filling (not the case in chronic setting)


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