Restoration of Tooth With Light Cure Composite

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Restoration of Tooth With Light Cure Composite

Initial clinical procedure:

  • Scaling and polishing for prophylaxis cleansing.
  • Local anaesthesia, if indicated.
  • Shade selection –in natural light with wet tooth surface.
  • Isolation of operating site –by rubber dam or cotton roll ( with or without retraction cord) and saliva ejector.

Restorative technique :

  1. Mechanical preparation of the tooth.
  2. Pulp protection – by Ca(OH)2 , if indicated (within .5mm of the pulp).
  3. Etching by 32%-37% phosphoric acid for 15-30 seconds with the help of cotton pellets ,foam sponges or special applicator tips or microbrushes(if etchant is liquid )
  4. The area is rinsed with water for 5 seconds and removal of excess water by clean dry air from the air-water syringe (for enamel only ).if both enamel and dentin have been etched ,the area must be left slightly moistened.
  5. The etched area is checked for a ground glass or lightly frosted appearance. if inadequate ,re-etching for addition 15-30 seconds.
  6. Checking the liner-if washed away –reapplication of the liner.
  7. Placement of matrix and wedge (polyester or cellophane strip for anterior tooth).
  8. Insertion of the composite in two stages.
    1. Stage 1: application of bonding adhesive lightly dried with air –syringe and cured for at least 10 seconds.
    2. Stage 2: application of composite in incremental way with a thickness of 1-2mm with each increments being cured for 40 seconds.
  9. Removal of matrix and wedge .
  10. The restoration is cured again from different angles and the restoration is examined for voids or lack of proximal contacts.
  11. If correction is needed it can be accomplished at this time.
  12. Contouring of the composite with twelve –bladed finishing burs or special fine-diamond finishing instruments.
  13. Polishing of the contoured composite restoration with very fine polishing discs, fine rubber points or cups, composite polishing paste.

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