Reversible acute pulpitis

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Reversible acute pulpitis


  • Recent dental scaling
  • Recent restoration
  • Deep restoration
  • Deep caries
  • History of trauma
image011 Reversible Pulpitis: Histology


image10 Reversible Pulpitis: Histology


  1. Unilateral sharp stabbing pain recognized as tooth ache
  2. Pain is intermittent and of immediate onset of hot,cold,sweet stimuli
  3. The tooth is not painful unless stimulated and may respond more too cold than hot stimuli
  4. Pain on stimulation is of very short duration and it does not linger for more than 10-15 seconds after stimulus has been removed.
  5. The painful tooth is difficult to localized.


  1. May include a large intra or extra coronal restoration
  2. Large carious lesion involving the pulp
  3. A pin placed close to the pulp

Diagnostic test:

1.Percussion: no tenderness or dullness on percussion
2.Vitality test: gives an exaggerated response

  • Heat test
  • Cold test
  • Elective pulp test
  • exaggerated  prolong
  • exaggerated brief

3.colour: normal

  •   radiolucent lesions
  •  restoration


  1. remove the cause, dress deep cavity using Ca(OH)2 lining, selective temporary filling e.g ZnO euginal
  2. follow up the patient- review and repeat vitality test and serial radiograph(3,6,12 months)are also required to monitor the apical condition and identify any sclerosis.

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