Rib Anatomy PPT

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Rib Anatomy PPT

Power point lecture slide

Typical Ribs
Subcostal Groove
Atypical Ribs
#1-short, flat (S-I), wide, Supports Subclavian vessels
#1, 10-12 articulate with only = # vertebra
#11, 12 don’t articulate with transverse processes, or anteriorly at all
Typical Rib Articulation
wDorsal (P) Attachment Thoracic Vertebrae
wHead of Rib à 2 costal facets
§Superior costal facet
§Inferior costal facet of vertebra above it
§Intervertebral disc
wTubercle of Rib à Transverse Costal Facet
we.g. Rib #4 articulates with Superior Costal Facet and Transverse Costal Facet of T4 & Inferior Costal Facet of T3
wVentral (A) Attachment to Sternum
nVia costal cartilage
Pectoral Girdle
wAttaches upper extremity to axial skeleton
wHolds upper extremity away from skeleton for mobility

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