Root canal treatment Definition,Indication,Contra-indication

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Root canal treatment Definition,Indication,Contra-indication

Definition: complete removal of irreversible damaged pulp followed by cleaning, shaping and obturation of pulp and it may remain functional unit in the dental arch.


1.Severe pulpitis or irreversible pulpitis
2.Acute peri-apical lesion
3.Teeth with peri-radicular lesion or apical cyst
4.Teeth with:

  • Perforation
  • External resorption
  • internal resorption
  • badly broken tooth with caries or horizontal fracture
  • wholely or partialy laxated lesion

5.chronic peri-apical lesion
6.traumatic or carious exposure
7.elective pulpotomy:

  • preparation of bridge
  • preparation of post space
  • preparation of over denture
  • periodontal disease
  • pulpal sclerosis’
  • hypereruption or supraeruption
  • malformed or deformed teeth
  • discolored teeth


A. General contra-indication:

  • inadequate access due to trismus
  • poor oral hygiene
  • general medical condition like old patient, asthma patient, anaemic patient.
  • Patient attitude
  • Non-cooperative patient

B. Local contra-indication:

  • Insufficient periodontal support
  • Non-restorable teeth:

♦ Short crown

♦  Root caries

♦  Caries to bifurcation point

♦  Fracture below the gingival margin

  • Canal instrumentation not practical:

 ♦  Excessive curvature of root

 ♦ Small pulp

 ♦ Pulp stone

  ♦Internal resorption

  • Massive resorption
  • Bizzare anatomy

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