Short notes on Mitochondria

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Definition : The mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell.

ii. Total number per cell : Varies from less than one hundred up to several thousand.

iii. Size and shape : It is variable in size and shape. Some are only a few hundred nanometers in diameter and globular in shape, where as others are as large as I micrometer in diameter, as long as 7 micrometers and branching or filamentous in shape.

iv. Structure : The basic structure of the mitochondrion is composed mainly of two lipid bilayer – protein membranes an outer membrane and an inner membrane. Many unfolding of the inner membrane form shelves called cristae on to which oxidative enzymes are attached. In addition, the inner cavity of the mitochondrion is tilled with a matrix containing large quantities of dissolved enzymes.

v. Replication :mitochondria are self replicating, that means one mitochondrion can form a second one, a third one and so on, whenever there is need in the cell for increased amounts of ATP.

v Function:

Q.  Write short notes on- Mitochondria.

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