Single complete denture definition,difficulty,factors & method of overcome

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Single complete denture definition,difficulty,factors & method of overcome

Definition: A single complete denture is a complete denture that occludes against some or all of the natural teeth, a fixed restoration, or a previously constructed removable partial denture or a complete denture.

  • Construction and delivery of single complete dentures is more complicated than the delivery of upper and lower complete dentures on a patient.

There are four reasons for this increased difficulty:

1.The ability of the patient to generate heavy occlusal forces, due to the existence of opposing natural teeth.
2.The unsuitability of the denture foundation tissues (mucosa) to resist high occlusal forces from the opposing natural teeth, which results in advanced    bone loss of the residual alveolar ridges.
3.Supraeruption of the opposing natural teeth produces an unharmonious occlusal plane and minimizes the vertical space for setting the opposing denture teeth.
4.Mesial drifting of the opposing natural teeth results in an increased mesial axial angulation (tilting) which produce an unharmonious occlusal plane.

Single complete denture may be opposed by one of the following:

The dentist may be able to overcome the problems by applying the following:

  • All fundamental steps in denture construction must be followed and completed to perfection (without minor  errors).
  • The occlusal plane of the natural teeth in the opposing arch must be made harmonious.

In evaluating the natural dentition the following should be checked:

  1. Uneven alignment of teeth: Example: Tipping and extrusion
  2. Character of the occlusal surface: Natural teeth often exhibit varying steepness of the cusps and/or associated abrasion and wear.
  3. Cross-bite relationship.
  4. Number and position of the natural teeth.

The stability of the single upper denture during function is directly proportional to the number of posterior with which it occludes.

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