Single tooth implant (blade-went)

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Single tooth implant (blade-went)


A thin section of perforated titanium that is placed into the jaws and allowed to heal .


When a tooth or multiple teeth were inset and a fixed or removable replacement was required without using the adjacent dentition. These implants were developed in the 1970s.


• Because the implants were flat in cross-section, the width of remaining bone was irrelevant.

• The placement procedure was easy to perform.


Many of these implants failed to integrate with bone and were kept in place by fibrous scar tissue. Whilst this allowed the implants to function for many years, they often became infected.


1. A full thickness flap is reflected and the crestal bone is exposed.

2. A bur is used to cut a channel and any debris is removed.

3. The implant is placed in the slot and tapped until the shoulder is level with the crestal bone.

4. The flap is replaced with multiple sutures and the area allowed healing.

5. The superstructure is constructed after a suitable period for healing.

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