Surface Anatomy of the Heart

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Surface Anatomy of the Heart

  • The cardiac apex corresponds approximately to the apex beat. The true cardiac apex is actually further inferolaterally and does not contact the thoracic wall in systole.
  • The right border of the heart corresponds to a line from the right 3rd costal cartilage’s superior border (1.2 cm from the sternal margin) to the 6th costal cartilage’s junction with the sternum.
  • The left border of the heart is marked by a line from the apex beat to the lower border of the left 2nd costal cartilage 1.2 cm from the sternal margin.

  • Areas for auscultation:
  • Mitral valve: at the apex.
  • Tricuspid valve: left sternal edge, 4th intercostal space.
  • Aortic valve: 2nd right intercostal space.
  • Pulmonary valve: 2nd left intercostal space.

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