Surface Anatomy of Thorax PPT

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Surface Anatomy of Thorax PPT

Power point lecture slide


Anterior Surface of Thorax

Palpate the following
  • Sternum (3 parts)
  • Jugular notch
  • Sternal Angle (= 2nd rib)
  • Clavicle
  • Costal margin
  • Xiphosternal joint
Midclavicular Line
Midaxillary Line
Posterior Surface of Thorax
Palpate the following
  • Spinous Process of C7
  • Scapula (ribs 2-7)
  1. Scapular spine
  2. Acromion Process
  3. Inferior Angle of Spine
  4. Inferior Border
Locating Internal Structures
Pleural Cavities
  • Inferior margin = adjacent to T12    in Posterior Midline
  • To Rib 10 at Midaxillary line
  • To Rib 8 at Midclavicular line
  • To Xiphosternal joint medially
  • Lungs posterior border is 2 ribs superior to pleural cavity (rib 8)
  • Deep to xiphisternal angle

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