Technique of indirect palatal injection

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Technique of indirect palatal injection

In young children more profound palatal analgesia, is angled slightly upwards and, while it is injected, suitable for the extraction of maxillary molars, may advanced through the interdental papilla, below the be achieved by an indirect palatal technique. This is contact and beneath the palatal mucosa. A bolus of similar to the intrapapillary technique, but the needle analgesic solution can be deposited palatally.

Figure 1 : Indirect palatal injection.

Figure 2 :Blanching of the palatal mucosa, demonstrating final site of local analgesic solution deposition.

Figure 3 : Analgesia can be further reinforced painlessly by direct palatal infiltration once indirect analgesia has been achieved.

Figure 4 :The indirect approach is particularly useful prior to the administration of a nasopalatine block.

Figure 5 : The nasopalatine block is painlessly administered using the standard technique, analgesia of the nasopalatine papilla having been previously secured by an indirect palatal approach.


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