Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders : Subluxation Definition, Causes, Treatment

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Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders : Subluxation Definition, Causes, Treatment

Subluxation Definition :

The repeated, incomplete, self reducing excursion of intact condylar head beyond articular eminence, but still within the capsule is called sub luxation.

Pre disposing factors:

1. Ligamentous and capsular flaccidity
2. Eminential erosion & flattening
3. Trauma


In a predisposed patient, the following factors act to cause subluxation-
1. Yawning
2. Speaking
3. Vomiting
4. Laughinhg


Clinical presentation:
• May be painful:sharp, sudden & severe pain
• Patient may become reluctant to even masticate


1. Conservative:

• Councelling
• Rest of the joint: May be in 3 ways

-Soft & liquid diet in a small morsel
-Elastic bands for 3-4 weeks: pre fabricated denture type
-IMF for 3-4 weeks

2. Chemical material: like sclerosing agents: na- psylliate, Na morrhuate etc injected in the joint space.

3. Surgery:
Capsule tightening procedure: capsulorrhaphy
• Creation of mechanical obstacle or, barrier:

Bone graft
Ti screw

• Creation of new muscle balance:

Medial pterygoid

• Direct restraining of TMJ:

By temporalis fascia at the neck of the condyle

• Removal of the mechanical obstacle:

removing the remaining height of articular eminence.

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