Terminologies used in RPD (Removable Partial Denture)

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Terminologies used in RPD (Removable Partial Denture)


It is a device worn by a patient in the course of treatment. E.g. orthodontic appliance, surgical, space maintainer.


A tooth, a portion of a tooth,or that portion of a dental implant that serves to support & or retain a prosthesis.


The fixation device, or any form of attachment applied directly to an abutment tooth & used for the fixation of a prosthesis, is called retainer.

Extra coronal partial denture

The retention of this prosthesis depends on the exact parallelism of the two retentive units.

Tooth supported RPD

A partial denture that receives support from the natural teeth at each end of the edentulous space or spaces.

Tooth tissue supported RPD

The denture base that extends anteriorly/ posteriorly and is supported by teeth at one end and tissue on the other end – distal extension partial dentures.

Temporary removable partial denture

They are used in patient where tissue changes are expected, where a permanent prosthesis cannot be fabricated till the tissues stabilize.

Interim denture

It is a temporary partial denture used for a short period to fulfill aesthetics, mastication or convenience until a more definite form of treatment can be rendered.

Transitional denture

May be used when loss of additional teeth is inevitable but immediate extraction is not advisable or desirable. Artificial teeth may be added to the transitional denture as and when the natural teeth are extracted.

Treatment denture

It is used as a career for treatment material. It is used when the soft tissues have been abused by ill-fitting prosthetic devices.

Centric relation

It is the most posterior relation of mandible to the maxilla at the established vertical dimension from which lateral movements could be made.

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