Terminology: Occlusion in Complete Denture

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Terminology: Occlusion in Complete Denture


This word is used to describe the static contact relationship between the incising or masticating surfaces of the maxillary or mandibular teeth or tooth.


Refers to the static and dynamic contact relationship of maxillary and mandibular teeth as they move against each other during function.

Balanced Occlusion:

It refers to the bilateral, simultaneous, anterior, and posterior occlusal contact of teeth in centric and eccentric position.

Free Mandibular Movement:

Any mandibular movement without interference.

Occlusal Harmony:

A condition in centric and eccentric jaw relation in which there are no interceptive or defective contacts of occluding surfaces.

Occlusal Interference:

Any tooth contact that inhibits the remaining occluding surfaces from achieving stable and harmonious contacts.

Occlusal Pattern:

The form or design of the masticatory surfaces of a tooth or teeth based on natural or modified anatomic or non-anatomic teeth

Maximal Intercuspal Position:

The complete intercuspation of the opposing teeth independent of the condylar position.

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