The Anatomy of the Human Embyo: A Scanning Electron-Microscopic Atlas PDF

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The Anatomy of the Human Embyo: A Scanning Electron-Microscopic Atlas PDF Ebook Download

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Hardcover: 516 pages

Publisher: S. Karger AG (Switzerland); 1 edition (January 1, 2009)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 3805583613

ISBN-13: 978-3805583619

The present anatomical atlas concentrates on the early weeks of prenatal development of the human embryo. It comprises more than 800 scanning electron-microscopic pictures of specimens of exclusively human embryos. The three-dimensional appearing illustrations show the development of the external form of the face, neck, trunk and limbs. Besides, the brain and the viscera of the head, neck, thorax, abdomen and pelvis – all dissected into layers – are represented in their position and spatial form.

The juxtaposition of pictures of temporally close developmental stages reveals the changes in the form of the organs. Photographs of the same organic system are usually shown at the same magnification and clearly demonstrate the growth process. Simple outline drawings provided with the principal nomenclature facilitate the orientation within the specimens. A brief introduction to each chapter explains the most significant developmental steps depicted.

This atlas is of great interest not only to anatomists, embryologists, histologists and developmental biologists, but also to biologists, biochemists and geneticists. Moreover, it serves as a valuable reference book for clinicians such as gynecologists, obstetricians, pediatric surgeons and pediatric cardiologists.


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