The Bony Thorax PPT

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The Bony Thorax PPT

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-Manubrium, Body (Gladiolus), Xiphoid Process
-7 True Ribs
-5 False Ribs
-Cervical,Thoracic, Lumbar, Sacral (Sacrum), Coccygeal (Coccyx)

Projections and Depressions
Site of muscle and ligament attachments
Help form joints
Allow BV, nerves, and muscles to pass
  Thoracic Cage
-Thoracic vertebrae posteriorly
-Ribs laterally
nSternum and costal cartilages anteriorly
Forms protective cage around heart, lungs, and other organs
Composed of:
The Sternum
 (Composed of fused sternebrae)
nJugular (sternal) notch
nArticulation with rib #1 & 2
nClavicular Articular facets
nSternal Angle – 2nd rib
wBody (Gladiolus)
nArticulates w/ribs 2-7
nXiphosternal joint
wXiphoid process
nCartilage-calcifies thru time
nPartial attachment of many muscles
The Ribs
wUsually, 12 pairs
n7 True ribs-direct attachment to sternum
n5 False ribs-indirect or no attachment to sternum
nFloating ribs-make up 2 of 5 False ribs, no ventral attachment
wTypical Ribs
nRibs # 2-9
wAtypical Ribs
nRibs #1, 10, 11, 12

Reinforce thoracic cage


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