The Breast and Mammary Glands Anatomy PPT

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The Breast and Mammary Glands Anatomy PPT

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Location: (female breast)
Superior border: 2nd rib
Inferior border: 6th rib
Medial border: Sternum
Lateral border: Midaxillary line
Location: (male nipple)
  • Fourth Intercostal Space, Midclavicular line
Underlying muscle
  • Pectoralis major and minor
  • Part of serratus anterior, external obliques
Lateral Thoracic Artery, branches of Internal Thoracic A., Post. Intercostals
Intercostal, Internal Thoracic, Axillary Veins
Branches of Intercostal Nerve

Mammary Glands

Lactiferous (modified sweat) Glands
Breast made of 15-25 lobes (each a compound alveolar gland)
Lobes made of lobules (= clusters of acini/alveoli)
Acini/Alveoli lined w/milk-secreting simple epithelial cells
Lactiferous Ducts of lobes open at nipple
Areola-ring of pigmented skin around nipple
  • Sebaceous gland produce sebum during nursing
Lobes separated by adipose tissue and suspended by connective tissue = Suspensory Ligaments of the Breasts

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