The Central Nervous System ppt – anatomy power point

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The Central Nervous System ppt – anatomy power point

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The Central Nervous SystemThe Central Nervous  System (CNS) is the major control center  for the body
In about 3 pounds of tissue, the CNS has 100 billion neurons
The brain collects sensory information, evaluates it, and sends instructions to effectors to direct appropriate responses
The spinal cord serves two major roles
Serves as a pathway for information to and from the brain
It controls rapid reactions (reflexes) to specific stimuli
The Main Parts of the CNSThe CNS consists  of
The brain
The spinal cord
Protection of the CNSThe CNS is  protected by
Cranial bones protect the brain
Vertebrae protect the spinal cord
Three meninges (layers of connective tissue surrounding the CNS)
Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) – the CNS is cushioned by a thin layer of fluid
Blood Flow to the Brain

Blood supply to  the brain is a crucial source of  O2 and nutrients
The brain receives much greater blood supply than expected based on its size and mass
Blood flow to active areas of the brain increases during higher levels of metabolic activity
Interruptions in blood flow have very serious consequences (unconsciousness, stroke, death)

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