The skull: Bones and Sutures of skull

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The skull: Bones and Sutures of skull

The skull
The skull, body’s most complex bony structure, is formed by the cranium and facial bones (bones of face)
 Cranium –

  • cranium encloses cranial cavity
  •  protects the brain and is the site of attachment for head and neck muscles

Facial bones –

  •  Supply the framework of the face, the sense organs, and the teeth
  •  Provide, surround and protect the entrances to the respiratory and digestive tracts
  • Anchor the facial muscles of expression

Bones of skull: Formed from eight large bones

1.Paired bones include

•    Temporal bones – forms parts of the sides and base of cranium
•    Parietal bones – one on each side of the skull, just behind frontal bone

2. Unpaired bones include

•    Frontal bone –  anterior portion above eyes
•    Occipital bone – forms the back of the skull and base of the cranium
•    Sphenoid bone – wedged between several other bones in anterior portion of the cranium
•    Ethmoid bone


Sutures of skull:
1.  Coronal – between frontal and parietal bones
2.  Lambdoidal – between occipital and parietal bones
3.  Squamosal – between temporal and parietal bones
4.  Sagittal  – between parietal bones


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