Thorax Anatomy MCQs with Answers

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Thorax Anatomy MCQs with Answers

1-      Regarding the intercostal nerve all the following are True, EXCEPT:

a-      7th Intercostal nerve is typical

b-      End by anterior cutanous nerve

c-      2nd will supply the skin of axilla (lateral branch)

d-      Communicate with sympathetic trunk through rami communication

e-      Located below the arteries

2-      Regarding intercostal arteries:

a-      are superior to veins & nerves

b-      musculophrenic artery will supply 7th to 9th intercostals spaces

c-      all the posterior branches are from the aorta

d-      the collateral branch supply the lung

e-      all the anterior branches are from the internal thoracic

3-      All the following are in the Rt atrium, EXCEPT:

a-      azygos vein

b-      anterior cardiac vein

c-      coronary sinus

d-      SVC

e-      IVC

4-      Regarding Rt ventricle all the following are True, EXCEPT:

a-      have three papillary muscle

b-      the  septomarginal trabecula (moderator band) extend from the septum to the base of the anterior papillary muscle

c-      have a pectinate muscle which passes anteriorly

d-      The outflow portion of the champer inferior to the pulmonary  orifice called infandibulum

e-      The infandibulum is smooth and the remainder of the ventricle is rough

5-      X-ray of the Lt border of mediastinum show the following, EXCEPT:

a-      left auricle

b-      aortic arch

c-      pulmonary trunk

d-      left ventricle

e-      right atrium

6-      superior mediastinum shows all the following, EXCEPT:

a-      trachea

b-      ascending aorta

c-      arch of aorta

d-      left brachiocaphalic vein

e-      vagus nerve

7-      Regarding the Arch of the aorta, the incorrect statements is:

a-      Located in superior mediastinum

b-      Located below the brachiocaphalic vein

c-      Connected to the pulmonary trunk by ligamentum arteriosum

d-      It is arches over the Lt main bronchus

e-      The Rt recurrent laryngeal nerves hocks around it

8-      the correct statement about Thoracic duct is:

a-      it is enter to the thorax through caval opening

b-      it lies posterior to the esophagus in the superior mediastinum

c-      it lies in the superior & posterior mediastinum

d-      drain into Rt subclavian vein

e-      it receives the lymph from both lungs

9-      Regarding pericardium:

a-      visceral part supplied by phrenic nerve

b-      Fibrous pericardium consist of visceral & parietal parts

c-      serous pericardium down represent the attachment of central tendon of diaphragm

d-      Located laterally to the esophagus

e-      The oblique sinus is bounded anteriorly by the visceral layer of serous pericardium

10-  All the following are related posteriorly to the heart, EXCEPT:

a-      Oblique sinus

b-      Rt bronchus

c-      Thoracic aorta

d-      Lt vagus

e-      Esophagus

11-  Regarding Rt main bronchus all the following are True, EXCEPT:

a-      wider than the Lt

b-      longer than the Lt

c-      more vertical than the Lt

d-      bacteria pass through it easily

e-      gives off the Rt superior lobe bronchi before entering the hilum

12-  Regarding the pleura the incorrect statement is:

a-      cervical part is above the clavicle

b-      diaphragmatic pleura supplied by intercostal nerves ONLY

c-      cervical pleura is crossed by subclavian vessels

d-      pleural cavity is a potential space

e-      the visceral & parietal pleurae are continuous around the root of the lung

Correct answers are : green

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