Tissue Conditioning- Definition & Limitation

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Tissue Conditioning- Definition & Limitation

Definition: Non-surgical methods of improving the patients’ denture foundation tissues, including the use of tissue rest, occlusal correction, temporary soft liners and/or improvement of hygiene. Tissue conditioning is usually considered prior to performing a permanent reline and or making final impressions for complete or partial dentures.

Poor tissue health can be the result of:

1. Pathological conditions

– The result of systemic disease – nutrition, hormone imbalance, autoimmune diseases (Lupus)

2. Local factors

– Inaccurate denture bases

– Occlusal disharmony

– Tissue abuse – ill-fitting dentures, poor oral hygiene, no tissue rest.

The dentist has the responsibility for proper diagnosis.

Tissue rehabilitation is limited to reversible tissue changes such as:

– Red inflamed, edematous tissues

– Ulcerations

– Candidiasis

– Epulis fissuratum (limited – may require surgery if extensive)

– Papillary hyperplasia (limited – may require surgery if extensive)

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