Tissue Conditioning Techniques

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Tissue Conditioning Techniques

1. Oral hygiene

– Plaque causes inflammation and edema

– Demonstrate how to brush all denture surfaces

– Have patient massage tissues with a soft tooth brush twice a day – morning/night; begin with 30 seconds and increase to 2 minutes.

2. Tissue Rest

– Abused tissues were treated by removing dentures for periods of 48 – 72 hours

– Tissue inflammation disappeared, then recurred if faulty dentures were replaced

– When tissue was loaded, recovery was affected by age:

a. 10-30 years old: 90% had immediate recovery when load released.

b. 72-86 years old: 61% had recovery after 10 minutes; some took 4-1/2 hr.

– Clinical reports suggest regular finger massage/tooth brushing of mucosa with a warmed, soft brush may be useful to improve tissue health

3. Occlusal Correction

Lytle showed improper occlusion can cause to poor tissue health

**This is one of the most overlooked causes of tissue irritations**

Methods for correction:

1. Add to occlusal surfaces of acrylic teeth with acrylic resin, – improves vertical dimension, balances occlusion

2. Soft mouth guard over teeth – reversible procedure, inexpensive

3. Clinical remount and occlusal adjustment

4. Temporary Soft Liners

– Can improve comfort, retention, occlusal vertical dimension (minor changes), and extension of denture bases (minimal).

– Use manufacturers recommendation for mixing, usually 1:1.5-2.0 powder/liquid.

– Typical composition:

Powder – polyethyl methacrylate

Liquid – aromatic ester-ethanol

– These materials are soft and resilient and flow under pressure.

– Material becomes rigid after a week – plasticizer leeches out

– Change the soft liner as necessary (usually lasts no longer than 4-6 weeks)

The length of time required for tissue conditioning depends on the severity of irritation.

A combination of treatment may be necessary.

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