What are the components or parts of a typical cells

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A Typical cell consist of two major parts:

I. Cell membrane

II. Protoplasm

a. Nucleus

i. Nuclear membrane

ii. Nucleolus

ii. Nucleoplasm or nuclear sap

iv. Chromatin

1. heterochromatic

2. Euchromatin

b. Cytoplasm


1. Membranous organelles.

*          mitochondria

*          Endoplasmic reticulum

*          Golgi complex

*          Lysosomes

*          Peroxisomes

2.         Non membranous organelles:

* Ribosomes

* Centrioles

*          Filaments:

–           microfilaments

Intermediate filaments

–           Microtubules

ii. Inclusions

I. Secretory granules

2. Pigment granules

3. Lipid and glycoge

4. Crystals.

‘l’he nucleus is separated from the cytoplasm by a nuclear membrane and the cytoplasm is separated from the surrounding fluid by a cell


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